Thapa Basant’s Music video ‘थाहा पाएं’

Thapa Basant’s Music video ‘Thaha Paye’ मनै मेरो चङ्गा भो चङ्गा

थाहा पाएं दोबाटोमा – thaha paen domato ma

4 thoughts on “Thapa Basant’s Music video ‘थाहा पाएं’

  1. o gr8..acting & good looks of manai mero changa bho’s male modal….best of luck..& keep it up.. .. lyrics also supar..manai mero changa bho …plz send me thapa basant’s e-mail add & contac nombur…

  2. Hello I am thapa basant. Thank you all of you who comment positively and give some suggestion. This is my first effort. I am always looking for your suggestion. If anyone like to contact me my Tel # 852-51779513.

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