Basanti Pun- Royee Rahen (Music Video)

Basanti Pun – Royee Rahen

Basanti CD Bimochan:

Interview- Basanti Pun:

Making of Basanti’s Music Video Royee Rahen ma…

Basanti Pun- a debut musical journey…

7 thoughts on “Basanti Pun- Royee Rahen (Music Video)

  1. congratulation basanti. it is good trying no matter gonna rock or not but you did good. but as I know about music, ye saraswati ma ne diyaja hei, liya jata nai, bhane jhai, still you need more practice for your vocal.because we can listen clearly the songs which is you sang that nothing and only you want record. you may have music interest but singing is another thing. here you need little bit saraswati ma ka asirbad, so please keep moving.but till now we can say just ok.

  2. This is lame .please dont sing ur scale and timing !!!!and song oh please dont waste ur time in music m serious .

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